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Hi. I work on web apps, & design. That being said, Glorb is here. There is other stuff too. You can reach me here.

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Toothpaste for Dinner

The link address is: http://www.toothpastefordinner.com

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  Misha, the Terrible
Here is our new puppy. Be afraid for he will
strike fear in the greatest of men and lay waste to the land. Misha,
the Terrible, destroyer of worlds.

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  Web Sudoku
Sudoku is a numbers game I've started playing recently. Here is the game on the web. The site has four different levels to choose from. From the site, "The rules of Sudoku are simple. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square." Websudoku is clean and has a good ui.

The link address is: http://www.websudoku.com/

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  Python, the RPG

The link address is: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-list/2001-February/031304.html

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The link address is: http://iserit.greennet.gl/ignatius/stw/

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Hard night for Glorb.
Hard night for Glorb.
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